Hog facts

natural diet 

Hedgehogs eat a whole array of food, including insects, beetles, grubs, snails, slugs, millipedes, earthworms caterpillars, fallen fruit, nuts and even frogs!


hogs in decline

The population of hedgehogs has sadly fallen by 50% since the beginning of 2000, primarily due to habitat loss, weed killers, insecticides and busy roads. This makes our role as hedgehog conservationists even more important.

hog habitats

Hedgehogs are found in overgrown areas with plenty of hedgerows and log piles, where they make use of the abundance of insects. Gardens are also often an ideal habitat for hedgehogs, so make sure to be careful and check when gardening, cutting hedges and lighting fires as a hog may be nesting.

sleeping habits

Hedgehogs are nocturnal, and so during the day they shouldn't be out unless they are a big hog in the summer walking purposefully - this will most likely be mother hogs searching for extra food for their young! They hibernate during the winter months, but will often wake up if the weather changes, or even move nest sites!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. what should I feed a hedgehog? 

Cat/dog biscuits, wet food and hedgehog specific food (wet and dry) are all great things to feed hedgehogs. Hogs can be fussy though, so putting out a few different types of food is recommended. And despite the famous "bread and milk" belief, you should NEVER feed bread and milk to a hedgehog. They are lactose intolerant so milk will make them ill!

2.how do I pick up a hedgehog?

If you have to move a hog, make sure to use thick gloves (gardening gloves are best), since they can be spikier than you might think! Alternatively you can pick them up using a towel. 


- Build a hedgehog box for them to nest in - you can also purchase one through us!

- Leave autumn leaves on the ground for hogs to nest in

- Make a 5 inch (about 12 cm) gap in your fence for hogs to pass in and out of your garden - they can travel over 2 miles per night in search for food!

- Create a log pile for hogs to hide under

- Create a feeding station - this involves putting food and water out for the hogs under a sheltered and dry area


Nope! Fleas are host specific, so ones found on a hedgehog are different to that of a dog or cat. 


5. why are hedgehogs important? 

Hedgehogs are one of Britain's most iconic mammals - they are a gardener's best friend! They are excellent at pest control, by eating garden pests such as slugs and snails. 

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