100% of all monetary donations go directly towards providing a safe environment for the hogs until they are able to be released into the wild


Your donations make a huge difference to us and the hogs - we rescue more than 400 every year!

You can donate via the button below - cash and cheque donations made out to Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital are also welcome! 

If you wish to donate in other ways, we are always in need of the following supplies:


Dishwasher tablets

Eco-friendly washing detergent 

Paper rolls

Industrial paper roll (blue)

Ecover washing up liquid 

Anigene disinfectant

F10 disinfectant 

Vinyl gloves powder free (all sizes)


Hill AD recovery tins 

Pedigree puppy food

Royal Canin recovery tins

Royal Canin starter mousse

Royal Canin dry kitten food 

Royal Canin baby cat and mother





1ml syringes 

10ml syringes 

20ml syringes

23g needles

O'tom tick twisters 

Hotties microwave hot water - bottle with lambswool fleece 




Canon MG7550 ink cartridges

A4 laminating pouches 


if individuals or organisations wish to raise money on behalf of the hospital, we would be very grateful! Contact us for more information.

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