We are always looking for volunteers to support us in various ways

Support us by:

1. helping at the hospital

This involves feeding, cleaning and tending to sick and injured hogs. 


2. Becoming a release site

We soft release the hogs into hedgehog-friendly habitats, and this is often into our very own gardens! Contact us to find out if your area is hedgehog suitable. 

3. becoming an offsite carer 

If you're interested in caring for hogs in your own home, we are always in need of offsite foster carers to help hogs get to a suitable weight before release. Contact us for more information!

4. Donating

Your donations keep the hospital running. Click here to find out what you can donate.

5. Fundraising 

If you would like to raise money for the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital, find out more here

6. Hedgehog Talks 

Want to learn more about hedgehogs? Contact us to book a group hedgehog talk with Sue! 

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