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The Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital is a charity run on a voluntary basis. It was founded by Sue Stubley and is funded purely by donations, which allow us to provide important medical care, food and accommodation for the hedgehogs. 

Our goal is to rescue, rehabilitate and release the hogs back into the wild as soon as they are fit and healthy.



Sue has always had a passion for nature, and has been caring for sick and injured hedgehogs for over 14 years (with the occasional owl, deer and jackdaw added in for good measure). She has transformed her home into a hedgehog haven, dedicating her time and funds to the well-being of the hogs. Her knowledge of how to care for wild animals is ever-growing, and she hopes to raise enough money to expand and buy a larger plot of land where she can care for the hogs.


The Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital was made into a charity in 2020 and work continues to get these prickly creatures back to the wild as they deserve.

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Photography by Ellie Stones

Logo illustration by Jordan Hempstead

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Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital

2 The Hill, Ousden,

Newmarket CB8 8TW

UK England


Charity Number 1190795