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SHOULD I rescue?

© Ellie Stones

YOU SHOULD leave IF...


The hedgehog is in its nest, hogs sleep all day in their nests, if you disturb one by mistake  cover it straight back up. (If you uncover baby hoglets cover the nest back up and call us for advice.)

It is over 600 grams in early winter; it will hibernate soon, when the weather turns.

If it is a large hedgehog in summer walking purposefully during the day, it is likely to be a mother building her nest.

You find nest in your shed or garage. If it's not in danger and it's not causing problems, then leave the hedgehog where it is checking it has a gap to escape.

The hedgehog appears cold and still but is curled up in a ball. If your hedgehog is in a ball, there is a good chance it is hibernating and not dead. A very gentle touch will be enough for it to move its spines or shudder to let you know. Cover a hibernating hog back up and place some food and water nearby.




The hedgehog is out during the day (unless they are a big hedgehog in summer walking very purposefully.)

The hog is wobbly or struggling to walk.

The hog is caught in netting or packaging.

The hedgehog appears to be asleep or 'sunbathing' out on the lawn or in the open.

The hog is going round in circles


You have found orphaned hoglets.

The hog has any signs of injury.

You find a hog that is squealing or screaming.


The hog is small in Autumn, they should be a minimum of 600 grams when they go into their winter hibernation.

STILL unsure? PLEASE call us!

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